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Derek Dishes Dirt on Prowl’s Animations

CUZ: When animating Prowl in his vehicle mode, did you look to famous cop cars for inspiration…you know like Starsky and Hutch’s muscle car, Kojak’s classic undercover sedan, or maybe Scooby’s Mystery Machine?

DEREK: We often gather reference from any source that makes sense to the character, even ones mentioned above. The idea of Prowl burning out while towing a bot on a chain behind him was purely inspired by me playing with transformer action figures at my desk. I just happened to have Prowl, Starscream and a beaded necklace left over from one of our staff parties. Just like that I was back at my parent’s house playing bad ass cop versus the world.

CUZ: Which special was more satisfying to direct Prowl’s pump shotty blast or savage baton beatdown?

DEREK: This is a tough one, I like them both, but if had to pick one I would say the “pump shotty blast” because this special was inspired by “Charles Bronson” he was very bad ass with his gun.

CUZ: That’s pretty rad because Chuck was the original Action Bronson…kind of like how Prowl was the original tough guy Transformers cop.

Prowl Gets The Piero Treatment

CUZ: As one Prowl’s gameplay designer you’d be able to answer a good cop/bad cop question that’s been bothering me. I have a pretty solid Barricade (bad cop) on my team, and Prowl (good cop) is now entering the Fight. As I tend to dig bad things, why should I want a hard boiled law enforcer like Prowl? Break him down for me.

PIERO: The character team worked really hard to make his moves and abilities feel great while also capturing his “Good Cop” personality. At the start of the fight, Prowl can Dash Back and try to “persuade the opponent” into giving up fighting, which in the end, results in Prowl dealing a lot of damage.

While the tension is building up, he can Stun opponents with his Ranged Attacks and passively gain Melee Damage Buffs that prepares Prowl for the inevitable big fight. What I usually do in this stage is to Dash Back, Sidestep Up and Down while also using Ranged Attacks in order to build up the maximum amount of Melee Damage Buffs.

When the opponent tries to land an attack, Prowl goes into the offensive and deals massive damage with his Melee Attacks. His Signature Ability “Good Cop” also provides a great amount of Power when Prowl goes into the offensive. All those abilities will prove that being a Good Cop is the best thing. 🙂

CUZ: Let’s talk mods and Prowl. Did you guys make a special handcuffs and sirens mod for him? If not, boo. In lieu of that cool idea, what ,mod would you recommend for Prowl?

PIERO: His Special 2 deals -amazing- damage. I would recommend using the Superconductor-2000 or Robot Resource in order to activate it more often!

Using Prowl with the Repair Module would also be great! Prowl tries to keep himself at a distance before attacking with his fully charged Melee Damage Buffs, because of that, fights might last longer and the Regeneration will trigger more. I am excited to try out this combo when he comes out on May 18th.

Nick Talks Chains and Nightsticks

CUZ: As much as I hate getting my car towed, I have to admit that it’s pretty cool seeing old Prowl extend his chains and take the perp for a ride. Tell us about creating that effect.

NICK: I wanted to enhance Prowls chain by making it look “charged”, but getting the electrical FX to stick onto Prowls chain was tricky. Purple electricity flows along the chain as it twists in all directions. The second part of that effect are the sparks emitting from the victim to convey grinding along the floor.

CUZ: I’ve noticed that Prowl’s beatdown baton is pink. Or is that reddish-purple? What was the thinking behind that? Wouldn’t an Energon infused nightstick smack the Energon right into the enemy?

NICK: Prowl moves fast during his baton attack. We wanted to make sure that Prowl’s nightstick and FX really stood out, so yes, the baton is reddish-purple. The blue-ish electrical FX are more readable at speed this way. The baton attack causes electrical FX on the opponent as a ”power burn” to the opponent before the next hit.

CUZ:  Thanks for the gameplay related FX info. Looks like you’re gunning for Piero’s job;)