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Add Autobot Jazz to your ultimate squad June 7th at 10AM PDT!

About Autobot Jazz:

Faction: Autobot

Class: Scout

One of Optimus’ closest advisers, Autobot Jazz is the bot to go to if a creative solution is needed. Autobot Jazz is well-versed in the pop-culture trends of the Earthlings and is likely to get distracted dancing to a catchy beat and break out the local slang.

Stats and Abilities:


  • Health: 1575
  • Attack: 175
  • Max Rating: 561


  • Health: 3866
  • Attack: 369
  • Max Rating: 1304


  • Health: 10048
  • Attack: 959
  • Max Rating: 3519

Basic Abilities: Confusion, Evade, Critical Rate

Heavy Attack

  • 100% Chance to Confuse the opponent, lowering their Attack Rating by 12~20% and increasing the chance they will use a Special Attack for 6 seconds or until their next Special Attack ends. When The opponent is hit by this attack, If they are not already Confused, they do not build power.

Dodging Special Attacks

  • If Autobot Jazz avoids being hit by the first hit of a Special Attack, he gains an Evasion Buff, granting him a 36~44% chance to Evade attacks for 6 seconds.

Combo Meter

  • Every 5 hits on the Combo Meter, Autobot Jazz gains a Critical Rate Buff, increasing Critical Chance by 5~7% until he is next hit.

Critical Hits

  • Critical Hits have +20% Critical Damage against Stunned opponents.

Signature Ability – Exhaustion

Sometimes it’s worth letting a Confused opponent tire themselves out.

  • While Confused, opponents have a 100% chance to lose 1.5~6% of their Current Power for each missed attack. If the opponent slips down to a lower Bar of Power they are Stunned for 1 second.

Special Attacks:

Special 1 – Windmill

Autobot Jazz sets his plans in motion.

  • Each hit against a Confused opponent has a 20% chance to Stun the opponent for 3 seconds.

Special 2 – Dazzling Display

Confusion abounds.

  • 100% Chance to Confuse the opponent, lowering their Attack Rating by 12~20% and increasing the chance they will use a Special Attack for 6 seconds or until their next Special Attack ends.
  • Disables the opponent’s Special Attack 3 for as long as they are Confused.

Special 3 – Grapple and Groove

Overwhelming force, with style.

  • Inflicts a permanent Backfire Debuff, inflicting 100% of Attack as instant Shock damage when the opponent next activates a Special Attack. This Backfire is not removed when the opponent uses a Special Attack.

Synergy Bonuses:

Outgoing – Lieutenants – Optimus Prime

  • Optimus gains 2~8% Attack and Armor and his Lieutenants gain unique abilities.

Incoming (Autobot Jazz) – Lieutenants  – Optimus Prime

  • Each time Autobot Jazz avoids all hits in an opponent’s Special Attack he gains an Attack Buff, increasing his Attack Rating by 2~8% for the remainder of the fight.

Incoming (Prowl) – Lieutenants  – Optimus Prime

  • If Prowl Drains the opponent’s Power to 0% of their Max Power, he has a 10~40% chance to Stun the opponent for 2.5 seconds.

Mutual – Allies – Ratchet, Grimlock

  • +2~8% Armor.

Mutual – Enemies – Megatron, Starscream, Bludgeon

  • +2~8% Attack.

Strong Match-ups:

  • Soundwave: Soundwave has to connect with his second Special Attack, but Autobot Jazz will ensure that moment comes at a time of this speedy scout’s choosing.
  • Mixmaster: Mixmaster is reliant on his Special Attacks to do a majority of his damage, a skilled Autobot Jazz player could easily ensure this Demo bot never sees his third Special Attack.

Weak Match-ups:

  • Drift: Autobot Jazz likes to Evade, he lives to Evade a lot. Drift’s focus prevents Evasion, a lot of Evasion.
  • Ramjet: Autobot Jazz enjoys seeing his opponents Stunned, but Ramjet can ignore Stuns while he has a lot of Momentum.

Recommended Modules for Autobot Jazz:

Scout’s Sentry

  • Jazz can easily Power Drain his opponent when both his Signature Ability and the Scout’s Sentry are draining their power.

Strange Refractor

  • When the opponent Stuns themselves, that’s when Jazz deals the most damage.