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Add Cliffjumper to your ultimate squad on April 29 at 10 AM EDT!

About Cliffjumper:

Faction: Autobot

Class: Demolition

Cliffjumper may be small in stature but he’s a titan when it comes to bravery! No stunt is too dangerous, no job too tough, and no foe too fearsome! His impulsive nature may get him in a few binds, but it’s nothing his Glass Gas Gun can’t help him break through as it makes even the strongest metals shatter!

Stats and Abilities:


  • Health: 4,274
  • Attack: 347
  • Max Rating: 1,312


  • Health: 11,108
  • Attack: 901
  • Max Rating: 3,573


  • Health: 31,000
  • Attack: 2,513
  • Max Rating: 10,490

Basic Abilities: Glass Gas Gun Debuffs, Anti-Nullify


  • Whenever a Buff is Nullified on Cliffjumper, Cliffjumper gains 5~25% Ranged Damage for 6 seconds.
  • While under the effects of a non damaging Debuff, increase Cliffjumper’s Special Attack damage by 20%.

Ranged Attacks

  • Cliffjumper’s ranged attacks have a 80~100% chance to apply a Glass Gas debuff for 8 seconds.

Glass Gas Debuffs

  • Each Glass Gas Debuff reduces the enemy’s Block Proficiency by -5%.
  • Each Glass Gas Debuff increases Cliffjumer’s Critical Damage by 5%.

Heavy Attacks

  • 100% chance to Refresh all Glass Gas Debuffs.

Special 1 – Cracks Start to Form

Cliffjumper’s Glass Gas Cannon whittles away at his opponent’s defenses.

  • Refresh all Glass Gas Debuffs.
  • Apply 1 permanent Glass Gas Buff.

Special 2 – To The Brittle End

Cliffjumper shows off his weapon expertise with double blasters.

  • If the opponent has at least 3 Glass Gas Debuffs, increase damage by 10%.
  • If the opponent has at least 10 Glass Gas debuffs, the final hit is Unblockable.

Special 3 – Permanent Fractures

Cliffjumper’s Glass Gas Gun can leave a permanent mark on his opponent.

  • Add 5 Glass Gas Debuffs.
  • All Glass Gas Debuffs become permanent.
  • Final hit has +70% Critical Chance.

Signature – First of Fight

  • If Cliffjumper lands the first hit of combat, he gains +15~30% Critical Chance.
  • If the opponent lands the first hit of combat, Cliffjumper gains a permanent +5~15% Ranged Speed
  • If either of these Buffs are Nullified, it reactivates after 10 seconds

Synergy Bonuses:

  • Mutual – Friends – Jazz
    • Increase Power Gain by 3-5%
  • Mutual – Uneasy Allies – Mirage
    • Increase Armor by 2~8%
  • Outgoing – Enemies – Kickback, Motormaster
    • Increase Attack by 2-8%
  • Incoming – Enemies – Bludgeon
    • Increase Attack by 2-8%
  • Outgoing – Demolition Leadership – Always active (5-Star only)
    • Acting as a beacon of leadership for the team, all lower tier teammates gain +10% Special Damage.

Strong Match-ups:

  • Tactician – Tacticians tend to have a lot of Nullify abilities, and Cliffjumper gains Ranged Damage if his buffs are taken away. Cliffjumper also gains a Special Attack boost while under the effects of Debuffs like Armor Break.

Weak Match-ups:

  • Tech – Cliffjumper relies on his Special Attacks to deal big damage. Many Tech bots apply Power Lock or Power Drain, making it more difficult for Cliffjumper to use his Specials. Some Tech bots also interfere with Ranged Attacks, making it harder for Cliffjumper to stack his Glass Gas Debuffs.