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Add Ironhide to your ultimate squad on March 31 at 11 AM EDT!

About Ironhide:

Faction: Autobot

Class: Brawler

Gruff and steadfast, Ironhide is one of the longest serving Autobot soldiers. His Trithyllium-steel body makes him a resilient fighter and nearly unstoppable.

Stats and Abilities:


  • Health: 4,811
  • Attack: 363
  • Max Rating: 1,101


  • Health: 12,504
  • Attack: 942
  • Max Rating: 3,327


  • Health: 33,602
  • Attack: 2,531
  • Max Rating: 9,765

Basic Abilities: Armor Up, Melee Bonus, Unstoppable

  • Ironhide has 15% passive Critical Resist.
  • Ironhide starts the fight with 5 +4% Armor Buffs that last 10 seconds.
  • Whenever Ironhide gains a new Armor Buff, 75% chance to gain a +9~20% Melee Buff for 8 seconds.

When Attacked 

  • 30% chance to gain a 2~12% Armor Buff for 10 seconds.

Last hit of a Medium Combo

  • Refresh all Armor buffs on Ironhide.
  • If Ironhide has less than 5 Armor Buffs, gain a 2% Armor Buffs for 10 seconds.


  • While holding Block, remove 1 Armor Buff to remove 1 Debuff every 1.5 seconds.

Heavy Attack

  • Deals +200% damage to Stunned opponents.

Special Attacks

  • For each Armor Buff on Ironhide, 10% chance to Stun for 3 seconds. If this Stuns, lose 5 Armor Buffs.

Special 1 – Ding Up

A strong combo to cause some serious dents.

  • Gain a 20~35% Melee Buff for 8 seconds.

Special 2 – Talking-Iron

A good volley from a trusty weapon.

  • 100% chance to go Unstoppable for 7 seconds.
  • When Unstoppable ends, gain 3 +4% Armor Buffs for 10 seconds.

Special 3 – Make Tracks

You can’t catch this ol’ bot off guard.

  • Refresh all Armor Buffs on Ironhide.
  • For the rest of the fight, all Debuffs applied by the opponent are 10% weaker. [Max Stacks: 4]

Signature – Trithyllium Body

At 75%, 50%, and 25% health,

  • Ironhide gains Melee Reflect for 7.5 seconds, granting a 16~90% chance to deal 75% of Ironhide’s Attack to his opponent when struck with a Melee Attack.

Synergy Bonuses:

  • Mutual – Enemies – Dirge, Skywarp
    • +2~8% Attack Rating
  • Mutual – Autobot Security Specialists – Prowl
    • +2~12% Attack against Decepticons
  • Outgoing – Brawler Leadership – Always active (5-Star only)
    • All lower tier teammates gain +10% Attack Rating

Strong Match-ups:

  • With natural Critical Resistance and the ability to remove debuffs, it will be hard for Warriors to deal damage to Ironhide. Bots that rely on Debuff will also have to contend with his Debuff removal.

Weak Match-ups:

  • Ironhide relies on his Armor Buffs to really be effective. Many Tacticians can remove armor or circumvent it in other ways. Any bot that can avoid Ironhide’s attacks until his Armor Buffs runs out can capitalize while he’s weak.