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Add Megatron to your ultimate squad November 30th at 10AM PST!

About Megatron:

Faction: Decepticon

Class: Tactician

Once a renowned gladiator in pre-Civil-War Cybertron, Megatron used his charisma and brutality to fuel the Decepticon uprising. Megatron’s ultimate goal is to rule over all living beings, only his sworn enemies, Optimus Prime and the Autobots stand between him and his goal of supreme authority.

Stats and Abilities:


  • Health: 1732
  • Attack: 158
  • Max Rating: 537


  • Health: 4253
  • Attack: 334
  • Max Rating: 1270


  • Health: 11053
  • Attack: 868
  • Max Rating: 3485

Basic Abilities: Fusion Cannon, Armor Break, Attack Debuff

Fusion Cannon:

  • The Fusion Cannon takes 6 seconds to charge 3 Full Power Heavy Attacks that travel significantly faster and deal 20~30% more damage.
  • Full Power Heavy Attacks permanently Fuse a debuff inflicted by Megatron’s Special Attacks to the opponent. Only one debuff of each type can be Fused.

Last Hit of a Medium Combo:

  • 100% chance to Refresh the duration of Unfused Armor Breaks, Attack Debuffs, and Shocks on the opponent.

Knocked Down:

  • Megatron has a 0.7% chance for each percentage of lost Health to become Unstoppable for 3 seconds.

Signature Ability – No Mercy

Megatron shows no mercy and uses the enemy’s own strengths against them.

Melee Hits

  • As long as the opponent has a Fused Debuff, Megatron’s Melee Attacks have a 20~60% chance to Steal a buff from the opponent for 5 seconds.

Special Attacks:

Special 1 – Energon Crush

The Energon Flail is perfectly designed to shatter the defenses of even the toughest bots.

  • 100% chance to inflict Armor Break, removing opponent’s Armor and applying 26~34% Armor reduction for 10 seconds.

Special 2 – Atomic Slug

Megatron initiates the brutality setting on his Fusion Cannon.

  • 100% chance to decrease Attack by -32~-40% for 10 seconds.

Special 3 – All Too Easy

There is no limits to the carnage Megatron is willing to inflict on his foes.

  • 100% chance to inflicts Shock, dealing Shock Damage for 200% of attack over 20 seconds.
  • Grants Fusion Overload, allowing unlimited Full Power shots of the Fusion Cannon for the rest of the fight.

Synergy Bonuses:

Outgoing – Till All is Ours – Soundwave

  • All Decepticons gain 5~15% Attack against Autobots.

Outgoing – Lieutenants – Starscream, Shockwave

  • Megatron gains new abilities and his lieutenants gain 2~8% Armor and 2~8% Attack Rating.

Incoming – Lieutenants – Starscream

  • Megatron’s Special Attacks have a 30~70%% chance to Stun the opponent for 3.5 seconds. This effect will only trigger once per fight for each Special Attack and this Stun debuff cannot be Fused.

Incoming – Lieutenants – Shockwave

  • The last hit of Megatron’s Medium Combo has a 20~40% chance to inflict a Power Rate Debuff, reducing the opponent’s Power Rate by 30% for 10 seconds. This debuff may be Fused to the opponent.

Mutual – Enemies – Optimus Prime, Bumblebee GS

  • + 2~8% Attack Rating.

Strong Match-ups:

  • Most Bots – You don’t become undisputed leader of the Decepticons without being a formidable combatant.
  • Grindor – Megatron will rip through Brawlers like Grindor who generate Armor to protect themselves. With his Signature Ability awakened, Megatron will also steal their buffs to boost his own abilities.
  • Optimus Prime GS – Megatron will gain Unstoppable at low health whenever knocked down. This may punish commanders that rely too much on the Autobot Leader’s Roll Out ability.

Weak Match-ups:

  • Soundwave – Megatron relies on his powerful Fusion Cannon to get through his fights, having his powerful shots reflected back by a Sonic Shield will put a damper on Megatron’s plans.
  • Galvatron – With very few buffs to steal, and no armor to break, Galvatron will show Megatron the difference Unicron’s assistance can make.

Recommended Modules for Megatron:

  • Paralyzer – The Paralyzer’s ability to Stun the opponent after a special Attack will leave them vulnerable to a blast from the Fusion Cannon.
  • Transwarp CellGetting hit by the Fusion Cannon is bad enough, getting your Power Drained at the same time is the quickest way to the scrap pile.