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Add Megatronus to your ultimate squad in October 4th at 10AM PDT!

About Megatronus:

Faction: Decepticon

Class: Demolitions

One of the Thirteen Primes created by Primus himself to defeat Unicron, Megatronus is a being of unparalleled strength. His quest for greater power led him to betray his fellow Primes, resulting in a millennia of banishment. That banishment has ended, and his presence again looms large through the cosmos.

Stats and Abilities:


  • Health: 4,940
  • Attack: 341
  • Max Rating: 1,443


  • Health: 12,839
  • Attack: 884
  • Max Rating: 3,948


  • Health: 31,170
  • Attack: 2,147
  • Max Rating: 9,571

Basic Abilities: Relic of Fury, Relic of Preservation, Power Steal, Life Steal


  • Now in the possession of powerful Relics, Megatronus does not generate power as normal, he instead passively generates 1.2% of Max Power every second.
  • Megatronus begins the fight with the Relic of Fury active, each time he gains a Bar of Power he alternates between the Relic of Fury and the Relic of Preservation.

Relic of Fury

  • The Relic of Fury grants 30~50% Attack Rating and reduces the opponent’s Block Proficiency by 20%.

Relic of Preservation

  • The Relic of Preservation grants 40~50% Damage Resistance and limits the amount of damage Megatronus can receive in a single blow to 20% of his max Health.

Relic of Immortality

  • Once per fight, when Megatronus hits 10% health he activates the Matrix of Immortality in addition to his other Relics for 10 seconds. While the Relic is active Megatronus is Indestructible and immune to all damage. This ability will not activate if Megatronus begins the fight with 10% Health or less.

Last Hit of a Light or Medium Combo

  • +40% Critical Chance.

Heavy Attack

  • 100% chance to apply Dark Burn, dealing 40% of Attack as instant Energy Damage.

Signature Ability – Relic of Obedience

The Relic of Obedience weakens enemy abilities and may completely prevent them from activating.

When Filling a Power Bar

  • When Megatronus gains a Bar of Power, he has a 15~65% chance to activate the Relic of Obedience, preventing opponents from activating Buffs or Debuffs for 8 seconds. Additionally, when the Relic is not active, Buffs and Debuffs the opponent activates are 20% weaker.

Special Attacks:

Special 1 – Grip of Power

Infinite power to fuel infinite wrath.

  • 60% chance Megatronus applies a 30% Armor Break for 8 seconds.
  • If the Relic of Fury is active, 100% chance to Steal 20~30% of the opponent’s Current Power.

Special 2 – Beyond Measure

All fall before his might.

  • The last hit of this attack is Unblockable and has a 30% chance to Stun the opponent for 3 seconds.
  • If the Relic of Preservation is active, 100% chance to Steal Life from the opponent equal to 6~15% of Max Health.

Special 3 – Truly Prime

Your final days are at hand.

  • 100% Chance to apply Dark Burn, dealing 200% of Attack as instant Energy Damage.
  • If the Relic of Fury is active, 50~64% chance to Steal 20~30% of the opponent’s Current Power.
  • If the Relic of Preservation is active, 50~64% chance to Steal Life from the opponent equal to 6~15% of Max Health.

Synergy Bonuses:

  • Mutual – Allies – Cyclonus, Galvatron
    • +2~8% Armor
  • Mutual – Enemies – Optimus Prime
    • +2~8% Attack
  • Outgoing – The Fallen – Megatron, Megatron (RotF)
    • All Decepticons on your team gain +2~5% Armor while fighting Decepticons and +5~20% Power Rate while fighting Autobots.

Strong Match-ups:

  • Everyone – There is no bot that Megatronus cannot overpower.
  • MegatronMegatron will find his namesake needs no buffs to be formidable.
  • Optimus PrimeIf Optimus is relying on help from his Chief Medical Officer, the Relic of Obedience will put a stop to that notion.

Weak Match-ups:

  • No One – No one stands as a serious challenger to him that is the embodiment of power.
  • Rhinox – Rhinox’s Power Lock will keep this mighty Decepticon from switching modes.
  • Shockwave – Repair Block and Power Drain will help keep this Prime from tapping into his true power.

Recommended Modules for Megatronus:

  • Robot Resource – One cannot even fathom the carnage Megatronus could inflict with a second source of power.
  • Prime Module – The Prime Module will help this mad god stay in the fight longer and increase his stats to match any higher level contender.