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Prowl joins the fight May 18, 10AM PDT

About Prowl:

Faction: Autobots

Class:  Scout

He may look like your friendly neighborhood cop on patrol, but check under the hood and he’s 100% military-trained police on a mission to serve and protect. He’s a trusted strategist and friend of Optimus Prime, but he’s decidedly less friendly to those who don’t follow protocol…his protocol.

Stats and Abilities:


  • Health: 1714
  • Attack: 152
  • Max Rating: 557


  • Health: 4210
  • Attack: 322
  • Max Rating: 1308


  • Health: 10941
  • Attack: 835
  • Max Rating: 3488

Basic Abilities: Suppression, Power Burn, Ranged Buff

On Dash Back:

Prowl tries to Suppress the opponent. While tension is building up, Prowl prepares for the inevitable fight by charging a Melee Buff every 0.5 seconds for a maximum of 10 stacks.

  • When Prowl is struck or dashes towards the opponent, each Melee Buff increases damage by 7.6 ~ 11.7% for 6 seconds.
  • 35.4% chance to automatically Evade the next incoming attack. This interrupts the charging of Melee Buffs.

Ranged Attacks:

  • 10% chance to Stun opponents for 1.5 seconds on the first Ranged hit of a combo.
  • +70% chance if Prowl is charging his Melee Buffs.

Signature Ability – GOOD COP

After charging his Melee Buffs, Prowl gets a surge of Power based on how many Melee Buffs he activated.


  • After charging his Melee Buffs, Prowl gets 1.5 ~ 4% Power for each Melee Buff activated.

Special Attacks:

Special 1 – Short Circuit

His short fuse and their short circuit.

  • 100% chance to Power Burn, consuming up to 23.8 ~ 36.4% of the target’s max Power.
  • If the opponent reaches zero Power as a result of this Power Burn, the strength of their Power Gain Buffs is reduced by 15% for the rest of the fight.

Special 2 – Gunslinger

Locked, loaded, and he’s quick on the draw. Watch Out!

  • Increases Ranged Damage by 29.5 ~ 36.4% and Ranged Speed for 6 seconds.

Special 3 – Ride Shotgun

Riding shotgun with Prowl is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • 100% chance to Power Lock, severing the target’s flow of Power for 16 seconds.

Synergy Bonuses:

  • Enemies with Barricade: Barricade receives an improved Attack Rating when paired with Prowl.

Strong Match-ups:

  • Ratchet
    • In long fights, Ratchet’s strong Power Gain can be shut down by Prowl’s Special 1, enabling Prowl to win the “Power Race” with the help of his GOOD COP signature ability which provides him Power based on how many Melee Buffs activates.
  • Windblade
    • Prowl deals a lot of damage with the support of his Melee Buffs, retreating and then going for a combo and ending with a Special 2 will be excellent against fragile but high attack Bots.

Weak Match-ups:

  • Ultra Magnus
    • Ultra Magnus’ Ranged Attacks can quickly Neutralize Prowl’s Melee Buffs.

Recommended Modules for Prowl:

  • E.M.I Module
    • Decreasing the opponent’s Ranged Attacks effectiveness will allow an AI controlled Prowl to retreat and activate his Melee Buffs more effectively.
  • Superconductor 2000
    • Prowl’s Special 2 is very hard to completely Dodge, enabling Prowl to do his Special 2 more often will be extremely effective even if the opponent Blocks the incoming special damage.