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Add S-1000 and his Frenzy of 5-Star Sharkticons to your Squad February 28th at 10AM PST

About S-1000:

Faction: Autobot

Class: Scout

Brought into existence by unknown means, the S-1000 seems to have control over the other Sharkticons on New Quintessa. You’ll definitely need a bigger bot to take this shark on.

Stats and Abilities:


  • Health: 16534
  • Attack: 1846
  • Max Rating: 8600

Basic Abilities:

  • Sharkticons gain their abilities only once their Signature Ability has been unlocked.
  • Sharkticon abilities and Special Attacks are imitations of those from the various bots on New Quintessa.
  • Once the Signature Ability has been unlocked abilities scales with bot Rank and Signature Level.
  • Signature Level increases ability strength up to 50%.
  • Sharks become much more powerful when synergized with other Sharkticons.

Signature Ability: Shark Enhancement

The S-1000 has been Enhanced with the never-before-seen Ability to replicate Buffs. Increase this Bot’s Signature level to improve it’s Abilities.

Passive – When Opponent Activates a Buff (Unique)

  • The Shark generates a 20~40% buff of the same type the opponent activates if it is one of the following:

    • Armor Up
    • Fury
    • Critical Chance
    • Critical Damage
    • Heal – (Healing abilities generate reduced 10~20% effects instead.)
    • Power Gain
    • Evade Melee
    • Special Bonus

Passive – 20% Health (Megatron / Optimus)

  • 50% Chance to gain  3x 20~33% Armor Buffs and 3x 20~33% Fury buffs for 7 seconds.
  • Chance to gain 10~30% Health over 3 seconds.

Special Attacks:

Special Attack 1 – S-1000 Shark Swagger

A couple punches do the trick, but look cooler with a flash kick.

Special Attack 2 – S-1000 Gunslinger Fish

Locked, loaded, and he’s quick on the draw. Watch out!

Special Attack 3 – S-1000 Shark Attack

These Sharks are just as deadly on land.

Synergy Bonuses:

Outgoing – Golden Frenzy – All Sharkticons

  • All Sharkticons recover 5 Health per second

Incoming – Shark Frenzy – All Sharkticons

  • If your entire team consists of Sharkticons, all Sharkticons heal 1~3% health for each Alive bot on your team when using Special Attack 3.