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Soundwave joins the fight May 4th at 10AM PDT

About Soundwave:

Faction: Decepticons

Class:  TECH

Who is superior? Soundwave and his trusty minions Laserbeak and Ravage, that’s who! The Decepticon model of loyalty to Megatrons cause, he takes advantage of his title as Communications Officer to ingratiate himself with Megatron every chance he gets.

Stats and Abilities:


  • Health:1802
  • Attack: 141
  • Max Rating: 548


  • Health: 4425
  • Attack: 296
  • Max Rating: 1299


  • Health: 11499
  • Attack: 769
  • Max Rating: 3502

Basic Abilities: Power Gain, Power Leak, Shock

Heavy Attack:

  • Generates 14-17% of a Power Bar per second until a Special Attack is activated or upon gaining 2 bars of Power.
  • 100% chance to inflict Shock, dealing Shock Damage for 49% Attack over 6 seconds.

Signature Ability  – SONIC SHIELD

Soundwave projects a Sonic Shield that grants him Energy Resistance and a chance to Reflect incoming Ranged Attacks.

When filling a Power Bar:

  • Sound reflect incoming Ranged Attacks, dealing 140% of their original damage.

Special Attacks

Special 1 – Sonic Cannon

Listen to this and your ears will be burning.

  • 50% chance to Stun for 1.5 seconds.
  • 75% chance to Power Leak, consuming 60-90% of a Power Bar over 4 seconds.

Special 2 – Ravage

Ravage. Prepare for battle. Eject!

  • Deals Shock Damage for 70% Attack over 6 seconds.
  • Generates 15.4-19% of a Power Bar per second until a Special Attack is activated or upon gaining 3 bars of Power.

Special 3 – Eject

Turn it up to 11 with the ultimate mixtape, featuring appearances by Lazerbeak and Ravage.

  • 40% chance to Stun for 2.5 seconds.
  • 70% chance to Power Lock, severing the target’s flow of Power for 8 seconds.

Synergy Bonuses:

  • Enemies with Optimus Prime: Optimus Prime receives increased 1-8% Attack Rating.
  • Shield Amp with Mirage and Rhinox: Amplified Shielding grants Mirage and Rhinox 2-10% damage reduction when Shielded.

Strong Match-ups:

  • Ironhide
    • Soundwave’s Sonic Shield is extremely effective against Iron Hide’s Special Attacks, Reflecting his Ranged Attacks back at him.
  • Grindor
    • Grindor heavily relies on having Power in order to maximize his damage output. Soundwave’s Special 1 can drain the opponent’s Power very effectively, limiting Grindor’s ability to inflict damage.

Weak Match-ups:

  • Windblade
    • Windblade can neutralize Soundwave’s Power Gain and inflict extra damage with her Special 1. Soundwave’s Heavy Attack is also very ineffective when Windblade is using her own Heavy Attack because of her ability to make Ranged Attacks miss.

Recommended Modules for Soundwave

  • Laser Guidance Module
    • When Soundwave Reflects the opponent’s Ranged Attacks, the Laser Guidance Module will enhance its damage.
  • Robot Resource Module & Superconductor-2000
    • The synergy between Soundwave’s Power Gain plus the Power Gain from those modules can stack. This will create a deadly combination in your base.