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Add Starscream to your ultimate squad August 24th at 10AM PDT

About Starscream:

Faction: Decepticons

Class: Tactician

Megatron’s notoriously treacherous Decepticon Air Commander. Starscream’s ambition and resilience is legendary but his lust for power often backfires, earning him scorn, ridicule,and the odd laser blast from Megatron. He dreams that one day he will be called Lord. Lord Starscream.

Stats and Abilities:


  • Health: 1575
  • Attack: 132
  • Max Rating: 550


  • Health: 3866
  • Attack: 280
  • Max Rating: 1312


  • Health: 10048
  • Attack: 727
  • Max Rating: 3524

Basic Abilities:  Null Ray, Ranged Bonus, Armor Break

Null Ray

  • Ranged attacks have 20~30% increase to Critical Chance.
  • Basic Ranged Attacks have a 100% Chance to Nullify an Armor, Melee, or Attack Buff. This does not affect Buffs from Modules, Masteries, or Boosts.
  • When an opponent’s buff is Nullified that bot takes 80~90% of attack as instant Shock Damage.


  • 5% chance Starscream Evades Heavy Melee Attacks, because sometimes cowards do survive.

Heavy Attack

  • 20% Chance to inflict Burn causing 40% of Attack as heat damage over 4 seconds.

Signature Ability

Nullify All Hope

Starscream’s cunning is without limits, eventually he will find a way to nullify any advantage an opponent has.

  • Starscream’s Null Ray has a 30%~70% chance to Nullify any type of Buff. This does not affect Buffs from Modules, Masteries, or Boosts.

Special Attacks:

Special Attack 1 – Air Superiority Complex

A sycophant’s vengeance at last.

  • 80% Chance to increases Ranged Damage by 45~65% and Projectile Speed for 8 seconds.

Special Attack 2 – Cunning Treachery

He’s got you now!

  • 72~85% Chance to cause a 50~70% Armor Break for 7 seconds.

Special Attack 3 – Null-Ray to Oblivion

Conquest is made of the ashes of one’s enemies.

  • Nullifies all Buffs from the opponent.

Synergy Bonuses:

  • Starscream’s Seekers – Ramjet
    • +5~15% Damage and 10~50% Armor Piercing for all Decepticon Ranged Attacks.
  • Sky Assault – Windblade, Waspinator
    • +7~25% Anti-Evade

Strong Match-ups:

  • Optimus Prime (MV1)
    • Starscream will be great against Brawlers like Optimus Prime, whose frequent combat buffs make them easy for this tactician to take down.
  • Sideswipe
    • Once Starscream has his Signature ability awoken be careful to consider what bots frequently activate buffs.

Weak Match-ups:

  • Iron Hide
    • This bot rarely activates buffs, making him untouched by Starscream’s most powerful abilities.
  • Bonecrusher
    • This Warrior relies almost completely on Damaging Debuffs, something Starscream has no answer to.

Recommended Modules for Starscream:

  • Nightbird’s Mark
    • Increasing Critical Chance and granting the ability to Evade more types of attacks perfectly complement Starscream’s cowardly tactics.
  • EMI Module
    • Starscream relies on his Ranged Attacks to deal the most damage. Weaking the Ranged counter attacks from opponent’s will strengthen Starscream’s hand when facing raider