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Add Thundercracker to your ultimate squad April 18th at 10AM PDT

About Thundercracker:

Faction: Decepticon

Class: Brawler

Often fighting in the shadow of fellow Decepticon Starscream, Thundercracker loves a good battle…but only against a worthy opponent. He hates fighting against humans because it feels like unfair victory rather than true combat, and Decepticons aren’t forged to fight by overpowering the weak.

Stats and Abilities:


  • Health: 4725
  • Attack: 371
  • Max Rating: 1367


  • Health: 12281
  • Attack: 963
  • Max Rating: 3646


  • Health: 29814
  • Attack: 2337
  • Max Rating: 8847

Basic Abilities:  


  • Whenever a Debuff is Purified, gain a 3~8% Melee Damage Buff for 7 seconds.
  • Unstoppable against basic Melee Attacks while Sidestepping.
  • After knocking the enemy out of their ground vehicle form, gain a 20% Armor and 10% Melee Attack Buff for 7 seconds.

All Attacks

  • Thundercracker cannot land Critical Hits.
  • Whenever Thundercracker would increase Critical Damage, he instead increases Attack by 8% of the amount of Critical Damage that would have been added.
  • +100% Attack when striking a Bot in their ground vehicle form.

Melee Attacks

  • Refresh all Melee Buffs on Thundercracker.
  • Sidestepping after a melee attack also refreshes all Melee Buffs.

Projectile Attacks

  • Gain a 10% Melee Damage Buff for 0.9s.

Heavy Attacks

  • Entering the aerial alternate form Purifies Shock, Burn, Bleed, Backfire, and Daze Debuffs.
  • For each Debuff Purified in this way, this attack inflicts a Burn Debuff causing 80% Attack as heat damage over 7 seconds.


  • While above 14% Health, Block cannot be broken by attacks from Bots in their ground vehicle form.
  • +15% Block Proficiency against melee attacks.
  • An additional +15% Block Proficiency against the melee attacks of ground vehicles.
  • Well-timed Blocks against ground vehicles grant a 10% Melee Buff for 5 seconds and knock opponents out of their vehicle form.

Special Attacks:

Special Attack 1

  • Successful melee hits refresh all Melee Buffs active on Thundercracker.
  • Gain 4 10% Melee Buffs for 2 seconds as long as these attacks land successfully.

Special Attack 2

  • Successful melee hits refresh all Melee Buffs active on Thundercracker.
  • +2% additional damage for each active Buff on Thundercracker.

Special Attack 3

  • Inflict a Shock Debuff causing 60~100% Attack as shock damage over 6 seconds.
  • +2% Shock Damage for each active Buff on Thundercracker.
  • +5% Shock Damage for each active Buff on the opponent.

Signature Ability: ASCENSION

Melee Attacks

  • Every 5 consecutive melee attacks dealt while not Debuffed grants a 5~20% Melee Buff for 7 seconds.
  • Successful melee attacks have a 0.2% chance per each Signature Ability Level to Purify any Debuff.
  • At the start of each fight, increase Attack by 0.15% of the enemies’ bonus Attack for each Signature Ability Level. Bonus Attack may be generated by Commander Masteries, Modules, or enemy abilities.

Synergy Bonuses:

  • Outgoing – Starscream’s Seekers – Starscream, Ramjet
    • +5~15% Damage and 20~75% Armor Piercing for all Decepticon Ranged Attacks.
  • Outgoing – Sky Assault – Grindor, Ramjet, Waspinator, Starscream, Cyclonus
    • +5~25% Anti-Evade
  • Outgoing – Sky Assault – Windblade, Jetfire
    • +5~25% Anti-Evade
  • Outgoing – Brawler Leadership – Always active (5-Star only)
    • Acting as a beacon of leadership for the team, all lower tier teammates gain +10% Attack Rating.