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Bumblebee Bravely Enters the Fight!

The loyal and brave Bumblebee joins the Fight during one of its darkest hours. We spoke to the folks who brought him to life and asked them what it took to make this golden Bot tick.

Howard Brings Out The Big Heart In This Small Bot

Ernesto: Bumblebee is one of the smaller Autobots. Was it challenging to design his model to bring his size to scale against the larger Bots?

Howard: For game play purposes, we had to ensure the size difference from large bots to small bots are minimal and still stay obvious. Bumblebee is among the smaller bots, but we wanted to keep him a tiny bit taller than other small size bots so he could stand out.

Louie Shows Us Bumblebee’s Golden Personality

Ernesto: He’s small, but scrappy. What sort of tricks can we expect to see up Bumblebee’s sleeve?

Louie: G1 Bumblebee from the 80’s cartoon didn’t get too involved in the actual fighting or use his weapons in a malicious way like the movie Bumblebee of today. Because of this he was definitely one of the most challenging characters for us. Our goal was to have this version be somewhere in the middle. Where he’s picked up some hand to hand combat and weapons skills but keep him playful at the same time. Expect him to be very agile, get yourself in pocket and make it your home. Dance around and watch the opponent miss all his punches like a scene from the matrix, then throw a flurry of kicks and punches and move on to the next bot.  This Bumblebee isn’t messin’ around.

Ernesto: That’s awesome. Of the moves you animated for him, which is your favorite?

Louie: oooh, that’s tough to say.  Between his Special 1 and Special 2… If I was the opponent, just get outta the way!  But I have to say he’s got this drop kick that comes out of nowhere and smoothly chains into his light attacks which sets you up with whatever combo you can think of.

Nick Gives Bumblebee His Sting

Ernesto: You can’t help but notice how quick Bumblebee moves around his opponents. What details did you include to give that sense of agility?

Nick: We wanted to enhance Bumblebee’s moves in such a way that we sell both his speed and agility. He’s compact too, so his movements appear faster simply because of his size. For his quick bursts, there are speed streaks (in car form) and when he moves around in bot form, we streak the background to show how quickly he moves around and circles his opponent.

Ernesto: Would you say that he floats like a butterfly and stings like a … you know …

Nick: Stings like a bee, absolutely. His final punch in his special 3 sends his opponents flying.  Lights out!

Ryan Makes Bumblebee Scrappy

Ernesto: So Ryan, what kind of abilities did you come up with for a Bot known to be small and scrappy?

Ryan: The little Gold Bug is a master of slipping by the enemies defenses to deliver critical hits and disable the shielding of Tech Bots. Throw in the ability to Evade Melee Attacks and deliver strong Power Locks and you have the recipe for a stellar Scout.

Ernesto: We know that Bumblebee is quite the loyal Autobot and is always seeking approvals from his friends. What kinds of synergies are we looking at with him? Also, what are the best mods to pair him with?

Ryan: This brave little Bot is always best when paired with his idols Optimus and Prowl. Bumblebee will be most at home on the Scout Sentry and the Prime Module as they will both help to increase Bee’s survivability.