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Celebrate the Transformers: Forged to Fight 1 year anniversary with this exciting new update on April 3rd!

Log-in and enjoy a limited-time Boost and Event Calendar to celebrate with us! For those of you who have been with us since the beginning, log-in on April 3rd to get an exclusive Anniversary Relic!


  • Objectives are here – Complete tasks for great rewards:
    • Daily objectives reset every day
    • Lifetime objectives provide great rewards for achievements
    • Other limited-time objective sets may appear during events
  • 5-Star Bots are now available! Collect 5-Star shards throughout the game to earn one
  • Starting with April’s Spotlight mission, a new Master difficulty has been added above Expert
  • Difficulty 81 to 100 has been added to Ancient Sanctum
  • A new Legends of Cybertron mission has been added. Grimlock has taken his rightful place on his throne in “Revenge of the King”
  • The maximum Commander level has been increased from 50 to 55
  • 5 new Masteries are now available to use:
    • Stand Together: grants bonus Attack against the final boss in Missions for each squad member that isn’t KO’d
    • Assassin: grants bonus attack and reduced ability triggers to enemies below 18% Health
    • Capacitor: generates Power while affected by Shock Debuffs and damage
    • Perfect Block: adds a chance to prevent all damage while blocking
    • Last Stand: allows Bots at low health to maintain their Block during a heavy attack


  • Improvements to the monthly Spotlight Missions, starting on April 12th:
    • Master difficulty has been added, providing great challenge and rewards
    • Expert difficulty has been made easier to smooth out progression to Master difficulty and provide earlier access to high tier Sparks
    • Commander XP awarded per fight has been greatly increased in all difficulties (roughly tripled)
  • Away Missions have been completely overhauled, adding new rewards and challenge
  • The Raid Store has been updated with new items, including Tier 3 Basic Essence and Tier 2 Alpha Essence
  • Watch Fight functionality has been enabled for Raids
  • Raid matchmaking has been updated to give fewer Quintesson encounters
  • Crystal shards are now awarded when collecting Bots from any source
    • Earn 3-Star shards when collecting a 2-Star
    • Earn 4-Star shards when collecting a 3-Star
    • Earn 5-Star shards when collecting a 4-Star
  • All Arenas now contain Milestone rewards
  • Arena Chips have been removed. Any remaining Arena Chips will be converted into Arena Crystals
  • Asking your Alliance for stamina help in Arenas is now nearly instant
  • Recently released Bots have been added as encounters for Daily Missions and Quintesson bases to add more variety
  • Tier 2 Class Sparks can now be sold for Tier 3 Class Spark Essence
  • All medium difficulty dailies now run on Sunday as well
  • Rarity stars and awakened status for Bots and Mods are now shown in the Commander profile
  • Forge level for Bots and Mods are now shown in the player profile
  • Forge level is visible when viewing another player’s Bot info
  • In combat, remaining health is now also shown as a percentage
  • In combat, the health bar frame now indicates Bot rarity
  • In combat, the health bars have been widened
  • The maximum friends has increased from 25 to 50
  • The maximum helps to fulfill at once has increased from 12 to 18


  • Fixed an alignment issue between the Boost and Class Wheel on the questboard
  • Fixed an issue with ‘Find New Opponent’ in Raids sometimes giving the previous opponent
  • Fixes for typos and grammatical errors
  • Optimizations and memory leak fixes