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Dinobot Rips it Up!

Staunchly bound by his code, Dinbot is ripping his way through New Quintessa with his strong sense of honor! We’re catching up with the team that brought the Bot disguised as a Velociraptor to the fight!

Francois Gave Dinobot His Ferocity, And His Poise!

Miike: Dinobot is pretty vicious, but he’s also very honor bound and sophisticated… How does a Bot like that hold his own in a fight against somebody like Bonecrusher that just wants to rip you in half?

Francois: You’re right, Dinobot is an honorable bot, we really wanted to showcasing him by making a very distinct sword fighting style. Growing up watching “Les mousquetaires” I knew that Dinobot needed a fencing sword moveset.

Against the likes of Bonecrusher, he will block you with his spinning shield and precisely hitting your weakest points.

Miike: Alright, so we know how he fights in Bot form, but his alternate form is a Velociraptor. I don’t think those things are known for being very poised. How did you translate the ferocity of a raptor into his moves?

Francois: Like you said, he is still vicious and that side of his personality really shines in his Raptor form. He lunges at his opponent and mauls them using claws and jaws. However, he is still honorable. Dinobot will only finish an opponent who can stand on their feet.

Sam Makes All that Glitters Into Gold With Her VFX Magic!

Miike: Dinobot has the most beautiful eyes. Is that why they really shine when he shoots his Eye Lasers?

Sam: He does have lovely eyes, they burst from red to green when he shoots his Eye Lasers. I like to think they represent his internal conflict.

Miike: He looks loud. How do you convey the terrifying scream of a Velociraptor in Dinobot’s Alternate Form?

Sam: Visually conveying the effect of sound, or any other invisible phenomenon, is a bit tricky. I added streaks, and warped rings to the vfx to help illustrate the volume and force a scream of that kind would emit, so even if you play with the volume on low, the idea is transmitted.

Ryan Tell Us Why You’d Rather Have Dinobot Fight With You, Instead Of Against You!

Miike: Dinobot is treacherous, but he is bound by code of honor. Do our Commanders want to risk having him on their team?

Ryan: Absolutely, this Bot rips through enemy armor and causes damage to enemies when they strike his spinning shield while he is blocking. Dinobot is a versatile tactician that will make you change your playstyle playing with or against him.

Miike: After Dinobot has proved his loyalty to the Commander, what kind of Mod would play up his poised, but relentless nature?

Ryan: Dinobot is going to make a great defender and the Strange Refractor will pair perfectly with him. Dinobot has a knack for blocking dashing enemies to inflict damage with his shield, with the Refractor he is highly likely to Stun his opponents too.

Howard Lets Us Know How We Made Dinobot Looks Great, Even At 80 Million Years Old!

Miike: You worked on both Dinobot and Grimlock. These two dinosaurs are pretty different in shape and size, so how do you differentiate?

Howard: Grimlock is finished with shining and brushed metal, which is the opposite from Dinobot. Dinobot was redesigned based on the raptor images. In drawing, we separated his body into individual sections and added metal parts and joints underneath the skins for movement. This gives Dinobot more of an organic look than just cold metal and at the same time still true to the look of Dinobot.