Stay Informed

Enhancements to Hound and Kickback


This transmission is to inform you of a few enhancements being made to the Bots designated Hound and Kickback. These will be in effect as of April 30th.


Hound has great versatility with his two ammo types, allowing him to cause Burn damage or ignore Evade abilities. His toolbox of abilities allows him to change things up depending on your opponent, but it could end up feeling like Hound was not as strong as a less versatile Bot.

We also want to encourage players to use Hound as a ranged bot, but many players felt like there wasn’t enough reward for landing ranged combos.

Finally, we wanted to give expert players a chance to really shine with Hound in longer fights, so we’ve modified his Special Attack 3 in a way that should allow skilled players to maximize Hound’s damage.

With these changes, we hope players will make Hound feel more like a heavy weapon, dealing damage from a distance.

(NEW) Inferno Ammo:

  • 3rd hit of a Ranged Combo has a 100% chance to refresh the timer of a Burn Debuff.

(NEW) Precision Ammo:

  • The 2nd hit of a ranged combo has a 60% chance to remove a Shield Buff from the opponent
  • The 3rd hit of a ranged combo has an 80% chance to remove a Shield Buff from the opponent

(ADJUSTED) Special Attack 3: 

  • Autobot Hound has a 100% chance to inflict a Critical Resistance Debuff, increasing the chance for Critical Hits against opponents by 40% for 20 seconds and proceeds to fire every gun in his inventory. (Timer was 28 seconds, now it’s 20, but doesn’t start counting down until the player hits or is hit by a melee attack)

(ADJUSTED) Signature:

  • When Autobot Hound rolls to avoid a Ranged Attack he gains a 50~200% Ranged Bonus for 5 seconds. (was 3 seconds, increased to 5)

BUG FIX: 5-Star Hound was not gaining his Armor Buff when performing a Heavy Attack.  This has been fixed.


Kickback is overall a strong bot, but he gets outshined by the other Scouts. He is particularly strong against opponents who Shock or apply Power Debuffs, but he was limited more than we like.

These changes may seem small, but they lean heavily into the benefits that Kickback gets from Power Leaks. Increasing the number of Power Leaks affects his Heavy Attack, Special attack 1 and Special attack 3.

(ADJUSTED) Critical Hits

  • X% chance to inflict Power Leak, draining 4.8~9.6% of an opponent’s power over 10 seconds. (Maximum 5) (Max was previously 3)

(NEW) Opponent Heavy Attack Transforms

  • 55% chance to Evade Melee Heavy Attacks.

(ADJUSTED) Signature:

  • Heavy Attacks: 35~80% chance to infect an opponent with T-Clog, lowering the opponent’s power rate by -30% for 10 seconds. If the infected bot uses a Heavy Attack, T-Clog is removed and their Transformation fails, Stunning them for 2 seconds. (Increased upper limit to 80%)

Again, these changes will come into effect on April 30th. Get ready to bring these Bots into the fight, Commander!