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Megatron Blasts Into the Fight!

The greatest and most fearsome of all Decepticons, Megatron is blasting his way into the Fight! We’ve asked the team that brought us this villainous Bot some questions about his arrival to the Fight!

Howard Brought the Big Guns When Modeling Megatron!

Ernesto: Megatron is the most notorious Bot from the Transformers lore. He’s cunning, evil, and feared by all. How did you capture his essence with his model?

Howard: I’d say it’s his facial expression and his evil red eyes! It’s pretty hard to ignore. Also he wears this silver metal armor which presents the cold-blooded side of him. To completely show who Megatron is, we must not forget about his giant fusion cannon. It means it’s time to run!

Ernesto: With his alternate form we decided to go with his tank form. Have you incorporated elements from his other forms into the tank design?

Howard: Every bot that we created here has complete transformations from one form to the other. All these were definitely not an easy task but we managed to pull it off. Go get your own Megatron and check him out in the info screen and play his awesome special 3 in fight!

Francois Invokes the Terror of Megatron!

Ernesto: Megatron has always been a daunting figure who demoralizes those who would cross him. What inspiration did you take to make him so menacing?

Francois: We really wanted to pay homage to Megatron and make him really different from the Megatron “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”. We took our inspiration from a scene in “The Transformers: The Movie”. Especially the shot where Megatron shoot a lying Ironhide.

Ernesto: His weapons are a thing of legend. What can the players expect to see when they encounter him?

Francois: There is no more iconic weapon for Megatron than his arm cannon. we tried to incorporate it as much as we could. We also wanted to add another weapon that we really liked, here is the clue: Megatron fought with it on a Dam.

Nick Brings Megatron to the Fight at Full Blast!

Ernesto: His fusion cannon is the most iconic thing about Megatron. Was it a *blast* creating the VFX for Megatron’s weapons?

Nick: It’s always a blast working on VFX for Transformers ;). Megatron’s fusion cannon is also used during his regular attacks – something not often seen. Each special attack increases the visuals on his arm cannon up to the special 3 where the viewer gets an up close and personal view.

Ernesto: What other details did you bring to Megatron to make him so intimidating?

Nick:  We wanted to pay tribute to the original cartoon as much as possible. As Francios previously hinted at, Megatron has an iconic fight on a dam. For this we built a energy mace that he wields in his special 3.

Ryan Brings Mighty Megatron!

Ernesto: As the most infamous leader of the Decepticons can we expect Megatron to have some synergy bonuses from his …  lackies?

Ryan: Megatron approves of your nomenclature. His lieutenants, Starscream and Shockwave will grant him new, oppressive abilities. While his trusty Soundwave by his side, Megatron gains the ability to boost the damage of all Decepticons on your team against those pesky Autobots.

Ernesto: Megatron’s arrival to the fight is sure to mean trouble. Should our Commanders expect to see repercussions in the story from his presence?

Ryan: Many events will come to a climax with the coming of the Decepticon leader. Shockwave has been particularly interested in heralding his master’s return, patiently shaping events in preparation. Those who saw Galvatron as the apex threat with soon come to see the true pinnacle of evil. New Quintessa will never be the same.