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Optimus Primal Arrives Swinging!

Protector of time and Maximal leader, Optimus Primal is joining The Fight! The team who brought this heroic primate to the game dishes out the details of his arrival.

Ankit Gives Us More Than An 800-Pound Gorilla  

Ernesto: Let’s talk about the elephant – ahem – I mean, *gorilla* in the room. Optimus Primal’s alternate form is about as intimidating as they come. Can you give us some details on what went into translating his form into the game?

Ankit: Since the intention was to make him look intimidating and powerful like a gorilla, we emphasized his arms and back muscles. That way when he charges and pounds his enemies, there is no shortage of power. It was also important to make sure that we have enough movement available on his face panels so that we can pull off that massive roar.

Ernesto: And when he’s in his Bot form you can still see those details! Very nice.

Ankit: Yes. He was one of the most fun bots to build exactly because of all those nice details, cool weapons and muscular proportions that Optimus Primal possesses. The red panels on his body contrast the grey fur and metal panels well to bring out those details even further.

Louie Goes Ape For Animating Optimus Primal

Ernesto: Animating the Maximals and Predacons has got to be interesting. What elements do you use to differentiate the Beasts like Optimus Primal from the other Bots?

Louie:  The beast characters really allow for us to break the mold from vehicles.  With Optimus primal we really wanted to show off that agility and strength that a silverback would have.

Ernesto: You don’t monkey around! His special 3 attack looks brutal. Where did you get the inspiration for his simian moves?

Louie:  Yah, Primal was a barrel of fun.  He came loaded with weapons, wrist cannons, shoulder cannons, dual swords thats make a double sided staff.  But we were inspired to showcase that savage side of his name.  Courageous and powerful leader in Bot form and uncaged beast when transformed.

Nick Makes Aping Around Look Good

Ernesto: Optimus Primal is very physical and his brute strength. What kind of effects did you give him to show off his power?

Nick: He has a lot of ground smashes that destroy the ground and send sonic ripples to his opponent – Specifically his heavy attack. For his special 3 I switch the background to a deep red, to highlight his big “roar” moments. I also added sparks and energon liquid when he pounds his opponent to accentuate the power of his his fists.

Ryan Goes Ape For Optimus Primal

Ernesto: Another Maximal has joined the fight and our Commanders want to know what they should expect when adding him to their team.

Ryan: Primal’s powerful hide provides him the unique ability to completely resist Critical Hits. Combine this defensive power with his ability to increase his Melee Attacks and shrug off Damaging Debuffs and you have one of the most potent Brawlers ever to have arrived on New Quintessa.

Ernesto: With his beast like strengths, what kind of Mods and Teammates would our Commanders want to pair up with him?

Ryan: Pairing this bot with the Security Module will increase the strength of his Armor Buffs, maximizing this Prime Ape’s defensive abilities. When teamed up with at least two other bots from the Beast Wars universe, Optimus Primal provides them with the ability to Purify Damaging Debuffs when using their Heavy Attacks.