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Seeking Answers About Ramjet

Derek Uses His Head When Animating Ramjet

Cuz: As much as I want to use a Dad joke about Ramjet using his head, I actually am pretty stoked on how he uses his chest in his Special One. Those pectorals rockets are rad. Tell us about your favorite animations for Ramjet.

Derek: Yeah i’m still recovering from all the ramming! Special 2 is one my favorite moves spinning off a 2 kick attack to the chest to launch his arm rocket is very cool!

Sam Makes Starscream’s Buddy Shine

Cuz: I notice in Ramjet’s Special 3, he does a cool strafing run but then his rocket barrage misses. As the person responsible for his FX, is this your fault? Why the hate for Ramjet, Sam?

Sam: I blame the animators! Seriously though, there’s no hate. Ramjet’s awesome, just a little hot-headed and that doesn’t help his aim, is all.

Cuz: I like that answer, it’s a Motormaster-sized bus you threw the animators under. Easier question, what’s your favorite effect you did for Ramjet?

Sam: Definitely the shockwave blast and then full body slam into the ground on his Special 3. It’s fun adding the extra layer of drama to cool animations.

Ryan Gives the Lowdown on Designing Ramjet

Cuz: I have to imagine Ramjet must play pretty well with his fellow Seeker Starscream. Tell us about Ramjet’s skills and who to team him up with and who he might have trouble beating.

Ryan: Ramjet is designed to be an easy bot to use, almost all of his Special Attacks are guaranteed to leave his opponent’s Stunned, Burnt, or both. Ramjet doesn’t just like smashing into enemies, he loves it, and to that end Ramjet becomes Unstoppable while using Heavy Attacks, ensuring he wins any (and all) head-on collisions.

You’ll want to pair Ramjet with his boss Starscream to enable the powerful Seeker synergy. When paired with Motormaster, both bots will share their cool destructive abilities with each other. Ramjet is going to have trouble dealing with Tech bots like Mirage that stifle his Power Gain or those like Rhinox that Shield themselves against his potent Special Attacks.

Cuz: And, here’s the standard question for Commanders that like to focus on the base and defense…what is Ramjet’s best mod to pair with? What mods will give him a headache?

Ryan: Opponents better get used to being immobile while facing Ramjet on the Paralyzer Mod. The Paralyzer will Stun the opponent, Ramjet will Stun the opponent, and the enemy will be unable to save themselves. On the other hand, Ramjet will hate fighting opponents on the Exo Filter. The Filter will cleanse his Stun and Burn Debuffs leaving Ramjet toothless and cone headed.