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Starscream Spotlight

He’s been around Forged to Fight for a while now, pestering, annoying, and definitely scheming, but now’s your first chance to own the one and only Starscream. Let’s take a look at what makes him tick.

Derek Makes Starscream Function

Cuz: I appreciate your commitment to keeping Starscream backstabby (or is that backblasty) with his special 3 attack. Tell us about your favorite Starscream move.

Derek: That’s easy, his heavy attack, I love seeing him fly as a jet to bring down his opponent!

Nick Sheds Light on Starscream Effects

Cuz: Starscream’s famous Null Ray plays a part of several of Starscream’s moves and is especially prominent in his special 3. How do you make something with such a boring name look and feel cool?

Nick: Lots of powerful beams and strobe lights! Seriously though, Starscream’s Null Ray is what he is known for, so it has to provide an “electrifying” experience for his victim. The null ray itself has a flowing energy beam and more sustained blast rather than a super quick one shot.

Cuz: There are a lot of nefarious Decepticons, but Starscream has to rank near the top for sheer treachery, disloyalty, and cowardly dastardliness.  Did you feel a little dirty working on his effects?  How did you overcome the feeling that he may in fact, take one of your dazzling effects, and shoot it back at you, right out of your PC?

Nick: Haha, I made sure not turn my back on the screen whenever I worked on him ;).

Ryan Dishes Dirt on The Shiftiest Decepticon

Cuz: I’m pretty stoked at the chance to get Starscream on my team, but I’m also a little worried that he’ll turn around and shoot my team in the back or slip a little something in their Energon. Sell me on why I want the king of treachery on my team.

Ryan: Starscream’s Ranged attacks are second to only Megatron in terms of raw power, but they have the secondary effect of stripping buffs from his opponents. When Starscream removes a Buff he also deals a pulse of Shock damage to add injury to insult. As a Tactician bot, Starscream is most useful when you know your opponent relies on buffs, lucky for Starscream, most bots do.

Cuz: So he strips buffs?  That’s like stealing, that’s in his wheelhouse for sure.  Good work. He strips buff, but what mod best works with Starscream to buff the Decepticon’s aerial commander?

Ryan: Placing Starscream on the Nightbird’s Mark Module will boost the Critical Chance of his attacks and allow this cowardly schemer to Evade enemy attacks more frequently. The Laser Guidance Module will massively boost the speed and power of his Ranged Attacks, providing Starscream with probably best offensive boost of any potential Mod combination.