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The Fury of Galvatron

With the arrival of the of the malevolent Galvatron into the Fight, we discuss what it takes to bring such an iconic Decepticon to the game. Here is what the dev team has to say.

Animator Addy had a BLAST bringing Galvatron to the Fight

Ernesto: Galvatron is as deadly as he is insane. Which of his special moves do you feel captures the essence of his madness?

Addy: His Special 2 is a great example of his raw strength; going from the backhanded punch into the gun on his arm blasting his opponent.   

Howard gives us a hint at what inspired him in capturing the ruthlessness of Galavtron

Ernesto: We’re all excited to see Galvatron enter the Fight! What inspired you when modeling this legendary Decepticon?

Howard: It’s all about his powerful cannon! I always remember the scene that Galvatron transformed into his particle accelerator cannon, then turned Starscream into dust!

Nick set out to show us the power of Galvatron through VFX

Ernesto: The physical power of Galvatron is terrifying. How did you integrate that raw force into your visual effects?

Nick: I drew a lot of inspiration from the 1986 Transformers movie. Spoiler alert: He kills Starscream with one blast. I wanted the main focus to be on Galvatron’s energy blast and the impact on the victim. I even swap the background for a few frames to accentuate the blast.

Ryan warns us of the destruction that Galvatron will bring

Ernesto: We all would love to add him to our team but should we be worried about facing off against Galvatron?

Ryan: Definitely, you’ll want to stop Galvatron from charging up as each Dark Energy Charge he gains is going to massively boost the output of his Ranged Attacks. Galvatron also has some of the most devastating Special Attacks in the game, getting caught by one will most likely be the end to any bot unlucky enough to get in the way.