Stay Informed


Version 2.0 will be available June 14th with brand new content, visual upgrades, and fixes!

Here’s the detail of what’s coming to The Fight:

  • Complete your Transformers: The Last Knight experience with new limited-time missions.
    • Rumors that the Autobot Hot Rod has arrived on New Quintessa enrages Drift who vows to hunt him down. Perplexed by Drift’s vow Optimus Prime and Bumblebee fear that the Decepticon turned Autobot has gone rogue and is resorting back to his old Decepticon ways.  Play the all new Spotlight – “A Question of Loyalty” – and find out what happens when brothers in arms do battle.
  • Megatron has returned to take his place as the new boss of Alliance Missions!
  • New Daily Login Calendar! Great prizes await the faithful Commanders who login everyday! Collect Rewards from the 7 Day, 28 Day, and Alliance Calendars.
  • Fight in a brand new environment inspired by Transformers: The Last Knight.
  • A whole new look for your Base!
    • Base updates bring a new level of visual polish and navigational ease.
    • Show off up to four Relics with two new sockets added.
    • Several new Relics with new effects have been added. New Relics can be found by fully Exploring any difficulty level of “A Question of Loyalty” as well as from the special Event Calendar. These Relics also have new in-game benefits.
  • Tip the odds in your favor by using Boosts to augment your Bots’ performance.
    • Boosts can increase your damage output or survivability.
    • Activate an XP Boost to accelerate your level ups and claim rewards faster.
    • Some Boosts are only applied to a specific game mode.
  • Forging a Module now awards bonus Module Crystal Shards based on the Rank, Level, and Signature Ability Level of the Modules that are consumed.
    • 1-Star Modules do not award Shards.
    • 2-Star Modules award 3-Shard Module Crystal Shards.
    • 3-Star Modules award 4-Star Module Crystal Shards.
  • A new Synergy Bonus interface now shows you who is providing a bonus and who is receiving a bonus.
    • The benefits and targets for existing Synergy Bonuses have not changed.
    • Several new Synergy Bonuses have been added.
  • The Alliance-based currency Loyalty has been removed.
    • Existing Loyalty balances have been converted to Gold.
    • You now earn Gold for answering Alliance Help Requests.
  • Alliance Help requests will now immediately award 3 Energy in addition to the Energy received from Alliance mates.

Bot Changes

  • 1-Star and 2-Star Bots now start with two Special Attacks at Rank 1 and unlock a third Special Attack after Ranking Up.
  • 3-Star Bots now start with three Special Attacks at Rank 1.
  • Mixmaster
    • Received a re-design, both on his Basic Abilities and his Signature.
    • Updated design will be more in line with other Demolition Bots (Very high damage bursts in a short period of time)
    • Acid does not have a cost anymore and Neutralizes Resistances Buffs when active, making him really great against Bots like Ultra Magnus.
    • Will deal Burn on his Special 3.
    • Whenever opponents have an active Debuff, Mixmaster will get a huge Critical Rate Buff.
  • Arcee
    • Generates power from Non-Critical Hits.
    • Power generation from Critical Hits has been reduced to 12%.
    • Guardian’s Ferocity now has a 20% increased chance to trigger at all Signature levels.
  • New Synergies have been added and tuned for several bots.

Mod Changes

  • Laser Guidance and EMI Module
    • Module buffs and debuffs can no longer be overridden by projectile buffs from bots.
    • A new formula adds a global minimum and maximum speed limit for projectiles to account for bots that might stack Projectile Speed buffs.

Fight Tuning Adjustments

  • Made Adjustments to the AI of enemies to make them less likely to hold their power until they can use their Special 3
  • Tuned down aggression of Enemy AI in harder content
  • Made a slight adjustment to the speed of Projectile Attacks to make them easier for players to avoid
  • Slightly increased the window to chain from a combo into a special attack

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

  • Fixed an issue with the effectiveness of Module Signature Abilities during Raids
  • Stash items now default to sort by expiry
  • Filter basic ORE-13 and Catalysts in the Stash and Inventory screens
  • Some timers that previously just showed hours now show minutes as well.
  • Fixed an issue causing Wins in Arenas showing as a Loss