Stay Informed


Version 3.0 will be available August 16th with brand new features, improvements and fixes!

Here’s more on what’s coming to The Fight:

Masteries have arrived!

Earn Mastery Points by increasing your Commander level. Your first point will be earned at level 18. Everytime you level up after, you’ll receive another point. Strategically configure your Masteries to suit any challenge and strengthen your team. With this feature, you will invest Mastery Points into Offensive or Defensive abilities and stats. Here’s the list of Masteries that will be available so that you can prepare:

Offensive Masteries:

  1. Damage: Increases the Attack Rating of all Bots.
  2. Sequencer: Increases Special Damage for Special Attacks activated after a Combo.
  3. Courage: Grants an Attack Buff while Health is low.
  4. Sniper: Basic Ranged Damage is increased based on the distance from the opponent.
  5. Gunslinger: Grants an Attack Buff after successfully sidestepping a ranged attack.
  6. Counterpunch: Grants an Attack Buff after successfully sidestepping a melee attack.
  7. Pierce Armor: Critical Hits ignore a percentage of enemies’ Armor.
  8. Critical Rate: Increases the chance to score a Critical Hit.
  9. Critical Damage: Increases the damage dealt by Critical Hits.

Defensive Masteries:

  1. Health: Increases the maximum Health of all Bots.
  2. Armor: Increases passive Armor for all Bots, reducing attack damage.
  3. Full Mettle: Grants an Armor Buff while Health is almost full.
  4. Resist Melee: Reduces damage from close-range attacks.
  5. Critical Resistance: Reduces enemy Critical Rate.
  6. Critical Damage Resistance: Reduces enemy Critical Damage.
  7. Resist Ranged: Reduces damage from long-range attacks.
  8. Energy Resistance: Reduces damage from energy-based attacks.

Act 3, Chapter 2 is now unlocked now for you to explore!  

Megatron’s rise to power as ruler of The New Quintessa Wastelands becomes paramount.  His threat is believed to be so great that The Quintessons need you, Commanders, and Optimus Prime to join forces to defeat Megatron! Beware of the Sharkticons while you battle through this quest, they’ve been enhanced and can’t wait to sink their teeth into you, Commanders! Will Drift get corrupted by Megatron’s influence? Are the Quintessons to be trusted? Find out in Chapter 2!

Battle for Bots in new Raid Events, visible in the Battle Center!

  • Limited time raid events are showcased in the Battle Center.
  • Win Raids while events are running to earn Bot Chips to buy new Bots.


  • Check out your Alliance’s final rank and rewards after each Alliance Mission in a new summary screen.
  • Medal counts are displayed in the Alliance member list
  • Improvements to shield communication on the Base
  • Added a warning when attempting to use a shield while already under attack
  • Added a setting to hide previously seen dialogue in a Mission during replays
  • A shortcut to Bot abilities has been added to the pre-fight screen
  • Timing out in Alliance Missions will not KO the Bot, but will deal a health penalty
  • A shortcut to the stash has been re-added to the Upgrade screen ORE-13 selection
  • Rewards, Sparks, and Items in the stash are now sorted by expiry date by default
  • Alliance tags now display in the Friends list
  • Item images should load faster throughout the entire game
  • Performance on the Crystals, Bots, and Edit Team screens has been improved
  • Stability when doing many raids in a row has been improved
  • The Alliance Mission exclusivity warning will never show again if asked
  • Alliance Missions will default to the last map and difficulty selected
  • Alignment issues on the daily login calendar popup have been resolved
  • Away Missions scroll properly again
  • Fixed many crashes and hangs
  • Spelling, grammar, and localization updates