Stay Informed


v3.1.0 is coming this week!

We’ve made multiple updates to the Mod balancing, various improvements and crushed some bugs! Here is more detail about our latest update…


Transwarp Cell

  • Bots are most likely to use their Heavy Attack when paired with this Mod


  • Raise the chance to stun on Special attacks from 22~40% to 60~80%
  • Bots will be more aggressive when opponent is stunned

Security Module

  • Increased chance to trigger Armor Up from 8~9.6% to 8.4~10%
  • Decreased Armor Up strength from 18~34% to 12~20%
  • Armor buffs can stack to a maximum of 3
  • The mod no longer purifies Armor Breaks

Harm Accelerator

  • Additional Bleed debuffs will only trigger when a special attack successfully lands on opponent


  • Increased gold when duplicating or forging 2-Star and 3-Star Bots
  • 2-Star shards are now awarded when forging a 1-Star Bot
  • Tapping on a T1 or T2 class Spark will show which day it can be found on
  • Daily Missions now show which class of Spark appears on which day
  • Alliance Missions now display the average enemy rating instead of suggested Bot rating
  • Checkboxes more clearly displayed if they are enabled
  • Added commas to numbers to help readability
  • Improved additional game data download rate
  • Improved overall performance and load times of many screens
  • Improved overall stability, resulting in less crashes
  • Spelling and grammar updates


  • Fixed an issue with Alliance Mission battlegroup information displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue that red notification badges can not disappear properly when viewed
  • Fixed a variety of crashes