Stay Informed


Version 4.1 will be available November 22nd with brand new features, improvements and fixes!

New Map “The Ancient Sanctum” for Alliance Mission!

Work with your Alliance members in the brand new Alliance Mission map — “Ancient Sanctum”!  It brings greater challenge and requires more teamwork, with greater rewards! This new map will be available on November 30th! Don’t miss out!

New Features:

  • Alliance Mission fights have increased to 5 minutes
  • Mission exploration progress is more visibly displayed throughout the game
  • Removed a load screen between finishing the final boss of a Mission and showing Mission completion results
  • Experienced Alliances now have all Alliance Mission battlegroups unlocked by default
  • Bots on Base Defense can now be used in Story, Daily, and Special Missions
  • 1-Star and 2-Star Bots now have their Special 3 unlocked at Rank 1
  • T1 Alpha Sparks can be sold for T2 Alpha Spark Essence
  • The Fallen Titan Hand from completing Rulers of Kaon now grants 5% Attack and Health to all Bots
  • Updated Mod rankup recipes for 3-Star Rank 4 and 4-Stars, allowing for rank up with T1 Mod Sparks

Improvements And Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that would cause scrolling to stop working throughout the game
  • Fixed an issue with per-fight scoring for difficulty 66+ in Alliance Missions
  • Fixed an issue preventing Forge stats from applying to Base defenders
  • Fixed a display issue for Alliance Mission rewards on the difficulty select screen
  • Galvatron’s Special 2 can’t be evaded halfway through anymore