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Update to V5.1 on Jan. 31st!

Act 3 Chapter 4 is now waiting for you to explore!  

The final chapter of Act 3 arrives! With The Quintessons in self-exile and a Megatron mysteriously vanished, Shockwave prepares for the return of the true Megatron…his Megatron. New Quintessa’s secrets begin to be uncovered revealing signs of ancient inhabitants long dead. Or are they?

Bots Updates

Updates to the abilities of Arcee, Ultra Magnus, Ramjet, Dinobot, Shockwave, Sidewipe and Galvatron to further improve their performance in-game. Check out our forum to get more information!  

Optimization And Bug Fixes:

  • Optimized combat to remove some spikes in performance and framerate.
  • Greatly reduced the amount of downloaded data when updating ingame.
  • Fixed some memory leaks, increasing overall stability.
  • Class advantage is now properly displayed in arena fights.
  • Fixed a sorting issue in the Spark inventory screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the Act cutscenes images wouldn’t display properly.
  • Fixed a display issue with Mission completion rewards where it would just show gold, although you were actually earning Energon and ORE-13 as well.
  • Fixed a number of PI display inconsistencies.
  • Fixed a combat issue where a dash would miss after landing a ranged attack when the opponent was against a wall.
  • Bug fixes and localization updates.